Volume 4 - Number 1 (7) 2015

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11 Study regarding shoulder assessment in patients with post-traumatic lesions at this level Written by Emilian TARCĂU, Mihai Ionel ILLE, Szindy DOMBY 366
12 Preliminary study regarding the level of physical preparation at athletes of 10-12, in aerobics Written by Georgeta Lucia PISCOI 368
13 The therapeutic protocol of dysfunctional syndrome of temporomandibular joint Written by Andreea MADA, Mariana CEVEI 441
14 Education, sport and health - European approaches Written by Alexandru BLAGA 362
15 Electrotherapy in peripheral motor nerve syndrom: cubital nerve, radial nerve, median nerve Written by Claudia MIHELE, Mariana CEVEI 476
16 Study of the vertical jump specific to the volleyball game Written by Glicheria DAIAN 361

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Campionii noştri - Our champions

Simona Pop - Medalia de aur la Jocurile Europene din 2015 și dublă campioană europeană în 2014 și în 2015 cu echipa Naţională de Spadă a României / Gold Medal at the European Games in 2015 and two times European champion in 2014 and 2015 with the Romanian National Epee Team.

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