Volume 4 - Number 1 (7) 2015

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1 The use of individualized kinetic programs in stroke prevention Written by Gabriela Adriana MARINESCU, Erwah AL NABLSI 644
2 Sports` marketing. Necessity and universality Written by Sorin BUHAȘ 588
3 Methodological issues concerning the design technologies of application the aqua-aerobic means to females aged between 35 and 40 years old Written by Boris RÎŞNEAC, Evelina RÎŞNEAC 555
4 Theories concerning the assurence of diversity in teaching athletic exercises Written by Francisc SCHMIDT 570
5 Study regarding physical inactivity and risk of cardiovascular events Written by Daniela CIOBANU, Călin Gabriel ŞARLĂ, Mihaela POPESCU, Florin PETRESCU, Cristian MEŞINĂ, Alina Elena CIOBANU 610
6 Application of bodybuilding specific means for prevention and correction of spine deficiencies Written by Florin NEFERU 723
7 Physical exercise, the essential mean in fighting obesity Written by Ioan-Cosmin BOCA, Mirela DAN 690
8 Research regarding the organizational climate and teamwork in the sports organizations Written by Paul F. DRAGOȘ 722
9 Impaired renal function in patients with congestive heart failure Written by Daniela CIOBANU, Florin PETRESCU, Mihaela POPESCU, Cristian MEŞINĂ, Ileana Octavia PETRESCU, Alina Elena CIOBANU 727
10 Experimental research for improving the motor skills of children with emotional and behavioral disorders using equitation as adapted sports Written by Cristina Marieta MARCOVICI 510
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Coperta / Front cover:

Campionii noştri - Our champions

Simona Pop - Medalia de aur la Jocurile Europene din 2015 și dublă campioană europeană în 2014 și în 2015 cu echipa Naţională de Spadă a României / Gold Medal at the European Games in 2015 and two times European champion in 2014 and 2015 with the Romanian National Epee Team.

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