Volume 3 - Number 1 (5) 2014

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11 Some physiological and psicholgycal aspects to be investigated in primary selection in athletics Written by Francisc SCHMIDT 244
12 Psychopedagogical suggestions in the preparation of basketball players Written by Călin Gabriel ŞARLĂ 240
13 Specific phisical and motor development of students in preparatory class Written by Maria Daniela BOCA, Liana Monica NISTOR 252
14 Exploring study regarding the motor skills and the possibility of using terapeutical equitation in the diagnosis of the person with emotional and behavioral disorders Written by Cristina Marieta MARCOVICI 235

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Campionii noştri - Our champions

Răzvan Nicoară ‒ Locul 8 la haltere (categoria 69kg), la Ediţia a 27-a a Jocurilor Mondiale Universitare de Vară din 2013, Kazan, Rusia / 8th place in weightlifting (men’s 69kg) at The 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan, Russia, 2013

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