Volume 2 - Number 2 (4) 2013

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11 Study regarding fitness aerobics contribution in developing coordination at adult age Written by Georgeta Lucia PISCOI 289
12 Glycolytic system’s role in energy supply during exercise Written by Florin NEFERU 344
13 School physical education as a means of psychological preparation of students Written by Teodor PĂTRĂUŢĂ 305
14 The selection, decisive factor in achieving the sports performance in artistic gymnastics Written by Gina GROZA GOGEAN 422

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Coperta / Front cover:

Campionii noştri - Our champions

Echipa de baschet feminin Univ. Goldiş ICIM Arad - Campioană naţională a României şi Campioană a Ligii Europei Centrale în 2013/ Champion of the Romanian National League and Champion of the Central European Women's League in 2013

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