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Considerations regarding the concept of aging and geriatric care

Antoaneta CREŢU, Liliana GHERGHEL

Uiversitatea Naţională de Educaţie Fizică şi Sport Bucureşti

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            The number of old people is increasing during the recent years. In this context it is necessary to underline the difference between physiological and pathological aging. The first refers to normal aging, in which constant changes during adult lifetime decrease individual viability. In pathological aging morpho-functional changes appear and they are generated by the possibility of organs to be affected. We consider important for these categories of people to have an active life with a lot of movement in various forms.

            The lack of physical activity in elderly persons leads to weight gain, chronic disease and promotes the development cardiovascular disease, joint disease and endocrine-metabolic diseases like diabetes, which affect the quality of life.Physical activity should have continuity: during the childhood and adolescence it ensures growth and harmonious development, helps the adult to maintain healthy, and helps to preserve health during old age as prophylactic therapy, rehabilitation and recovery.Physical therapy programs for elderly persons should be adequate to the clinical status of the subjects and to motivate more and more people to have active lives. The introduction of the elements of physical therapy programs in adapted physical activity can be considered a solution for elderly people, increasing the endurance and resistance to disease of these people.The implementation of some programs consisting of exercises with a controlled dosage intensity effort, adapted and individual in the communities of elderly people has beneficial effects and it represents an optimal solution for health services.

           On the other hand, a therapeutic program is especially useful for society, as it involves fewer financial efforts and the adapted physical activities and physical therapy are really eligible options in this regard.


           Key words: geriatrics,physical therapy, quality of life

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