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Psychological grounding - decisive factor in the competitions of artistic gymnastics


Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” din Arad

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The importance of psychological grounding proves its efficiency during the development of the competition, especially in the difficult moments of the contest, when the chances of the competitors are more or less equal. In this moment of the contest it is important for the gymnast to keep her emotions under control and to concentrate over her own exercises.

During the psychological instruction, both in training and in contests, the gymnast must participate consciously, must keep under control her distrust in her own forces, her emotions, her fear of the apparatus or of performing certain movements. The trainer must find solutions and methods proper to providing a positive climate to the gymnast so that she should feel secure.

The increasing of the performance capacity is the fundamental purpose of the gymnastic training and the increasing to the maximum of the sportive performance can not be achieved without the improvement of the gymnasts personality, thus the technicians must appeal to other resources than those of the sportive methodology. In this new orientation the role of the psychological factors and keeping them under control takes an important part in the sportive training.

In the present study, the mental instruction is one of the methods together with the methodological procedures used in the competition trainings modeling and also the techniques for the psychological instruction and the achievement of psychological skills, being very useful in the development of different functions of attention like: repetition in imagination, relaxation, positive thinking, meditation, self-control.


Key words: psychological instruction, methods, techniques

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