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Procedural character and stage of the selection in sports


Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” din Arad




A scientific selection, responsible, addressed to children for sport performance is conditioned by knowledge of body growth and development laws and processes underlying the development of future performers. Knowing what kind of qualities requires practice a certain sport, and its hereditary nature of character, the coach can determine which samples can successfully cope with the selected.

Practicing sports, with good results and getting high performance, quality not only requires a single motor or somatic size, but a combination of qualities and sizes.

Coach must know that selection is not an operation that makes once and for all, but an evolutionary process, related to growth and development of somatic-functional, mental and motor skills of children.


Key words: selection,stages ofpreparation, staging

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Studenţii noştri campioni - Our champion students

Monika BROSOVSZKY o stea a baschetului arădean

Monika BROSOVSZKY a star of Arad's basketball

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