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Bodybuilding hall's computerization applications - fitness worldwide and national

Julien Narcis HERLO

Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” Arad

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There are many fields of application of software solutions in the field of physical education and sport.

The information collected in the documentation note that internationally there are many software solutions applicable in the domain bodybuilding-fitness.

However, in Romania, the "e-FIT" form and content is developed in the first place. Analyzing it’s components and comparing them with various software from other countries, we see many similarities, but nevertheless observed degree of originality of the product e-FIT.

To develop the e-FIT software concept and to understand it’s functioning, it is necessary to do a short analysis of the nature resources software used (Fig. 2).


Key words: fitness, computerization, software, training optimization

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Studenţii noştri campioni - Our champion students

Monika BROSOVSZKY o stea a baschetului arădean

Monika BROSOVSZKY a star of Arad's basketball

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