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Kinesio taping application in order to reduce edema in algoneurodystrophy

Emilian TARCĂU

Universitatea din  Oradea


 Mirela DAN, Ioan-Cosmin BOCA

Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” din Arad

kineto2004@yahoo.com, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Kinesio-tapping tehnique is relatively recent, being initially created for high-performance sportives in order to accelerate the healing process of the traumatized tissues. Presently, it was also  extended to the medical rehabilitation domain, respectively to physical therapy, being used with good results in reducing pain, edema, in increasing movement amplitude, stability promotion, muscle strength increase, etc.

Our purpose in this paper is to make a short search in the recent history of this therapeutic means, as well as to describe the belt features, the recommendations and the description of the application technique in order to fight edema at distal level of the algoneurodystrophic lower limb after posttraumatic lesions at shank and/or foot level.


Key words: algoneurodystrophy, kinesio-tapping, edema

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