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Weider training system



Julien Narcis HERLO

Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” din Arad

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            Weider training system contains a total of 34 specific principles of training. These  principles Weider, some concepts are actually highly specialized training, being used in  training bodybuilders everywhere. From the methodological standpoint, Weider training system can be divided into Weider principles beginner, Weider principles for those with stage Weider principles and development environment for advanced athletes. We believe that achieving high results, both in bodybuilding and other sports, is closely related to the optimal combination of these principles of training workout.


            Key words: Weider training system, highly specialized concepts


Coperta / Front cover:

Studenţii noştri campioni - Our champion students

Flavius Kocszi - Un campion cu care ne mândrim

Flavius Kocszi - A champion that we are proud of

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