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Volume 1 - Number 1 (1) 2012

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1 Improving scientific performance, priority objective of "Vasile Goldis" Western University of Arad Written by Aurel ARDELEAN 533
2 Flavius Koczi - A champion that we are proud of Written by Mirela DAN 542
3 The concept of talent in sport Written by Corina DULCEANU 598
4 Aspects regarding the education of psichomotricity in primary school Written by Francisc SCHMIDT 571
5 Study regarding the trainig of posttraumatic knee’s “four facet’s muscles” Written by Zoltan PÁSZTAI, Doriana Ioana CIOBANU 724
6 Arad table tennis past, present and future Written by Viorel BITANG, Andrei BITANG 755
7 Preliminary study regarding the physical preparation level of 10-12 years old gymnasts, in aerobic gymnastic Written by Georgeta Lucia PISCOI 620
8 Muscular contraction, a fundamental process of human motricity Written by Mirela DAN, Ioan-Cosmin BOCA 689
9 Weider training system Written by Julien Narcis HERLO 725

Coperta / Front cover:

Studenţii noştri campioni - Our champion students

Flavius Kocszi - Un campion cu care ne mândrim

Flavius Kocszi - A champion that we are proud of

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